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Nuevos usos del tiempo
Innovative Uses of Time

In recent years, Bilbao and Bizkaia have been undergoing major changes that have affected the population’s lifestyles and time management. Faced with this situation, the City Council of Bilbao and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia are supporting the creation of the NETWORK of AGENCIES in BILBAO and BIZKAIA, consisting of firms and organisations that are committed to the achievement of better time management and the reconciliation of work and family and personal life.

Our Network’s best practices

Non-Residential Inclusion Coordinator and Equality Supervisor

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Asociación GOIZTIRI Elkartea

The Asociación GOIZTIRI Elkartea is a charitable organisation that was founded in 1993 in Barakaldo, as an umbrella association for different projects designed to help improve the quality of life of those people either at risk of social exclusion or in that situation.
It is a non-profit organisation that since 1997 has been declared to be in the public interest, with its primary operating area being the left-bank of the estuary in Greater Bilbao. The association`s core mission is to provide socio-educational support for society’s most vulnerable people as they seek to improve the quality of their lives. Its aim is to be recognised for its innovative approach, the efficacy of its services, and the quality of the programmes arranged.

It cooperates with other public and private agencies and organisations in order to extend the scope and effectiveness of its mission. The following are its main lines of work: combating homelessness social and labour inclusion; immigration; children and adolescents; housing, and social economy projects. It is involved in numerous European projects.

It has a workforce of 44 people: 36 women and eight men.